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Flash Adams began his career performing live shows with Nino The God and Tony Cankles at numerous Connecticut venues under the moniker "They Walk On Water". Some of the venues where they had performed include Toad's PlaceThe Webster Theater and The Acoustic. The group opened for various well known rappers including RakimKRS-OneD-12Black Sheep and Joe Budden.

They were known for their high energy performances and were frequently compared to Beastie Boys given their old school beat choices and braggadocios lyrical content.

Flash is currently working on his first official solo album. The album has two confirmed features so far including E. Ness (known for his work with Bad Boy's Da Band and James Joyce The Squatch. 

The first two singles from the album are "Hours Before Midnight" and "The Nighttime". The album's release date has not been determined but is expected to be released sometime in 2021.

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