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Lightning Wolves!

Check out this awesome animated series that I got to work on with Lowbrow Studios and Comedy Central!

Lightning Wolves is the story of WOLFI-O, WOLFETTE, WOLFRO, MANITOBA, DINGO, and WHITE WOLF. The LIGHTNINGWOLVES, a team of half Wolf, half humanoid creatures tasked with protecting the Omniverse from the sinister Keeper of Spells, MOOM and his EXTREMELY underwhelming group of lackeys. All while learning important life lessons, becoming better Wolf-people through communication and introspection and of course slowly spiraling out of control as they realize they are actually just TOYS and nothing really matters. Lightning Wolves features the voice talents of Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Donald Faison, Sofia Gonzalez, Cobie Smulders, Ben Schwartz, Nicole Parker, Will McLaughlin, Connor Ratliff, Lennon Parham, Jaleel White, Griffin Newman, Jimmi Simpson, and Eugene Cordero.

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